About Us

Yeshiva Ner Eliezer is a Middle and High School for boys. Founded over 13 years ago, it prides itself in providing a high caliber secular education, with an emphasis on motivating each student to reach his full potential. Our greater than 99% rate of graduates who have done on to further their education in colleges, universities and other such institutions of higher learning is testimony to the great success that the school enjoys. By concentrating on each student individually, by devising personalized programs geared to the interests, talents and needs of each student, and by motivating, coaching and encouraging each and every student according to his needs Yeshiva Ner Eliezer has seen its graduates go on to assume their rightful places in their desired professional and business fields and, most importantly, has seen its alumni take their rightful places as functioning members of their respective communities.

The student body of Yeshiva Ner Eliezer is made up of a diversified group of boys who originate from countries such as those in the former Soviet Union, Israel, South America, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, etc. as well as the United States. Because of their great variety of origins and cultural backgrounds, as well as the varied educational systems from which they come, our students required a great deal of personal attention to ensure that they succeed within a New York State Board of Regent approved curriculum. In addition, the many trips, guests speakers, science fairs, social studies fairs, sports programs and enrichment programs add much to intensifying the cultural and intellectual development of each student.

Our alumni have graduated from or are now attending such schools as Columbia University, Cornell Yeshiva University, New York University, Pace, Touro College, Harvard University, Long Island University, etc. Our Senior Year Abroad Program is a more recent addition to our offering.

This program allows qualifying students to spend their senior year in Israel. In addition to attending a Yeshiva of higher learning, each student is responsible for preparing a comprehensive portfolio which enables the student to complete the required secure studies course credits enabling him to return and join his class graduation in June. Now in its third year, this unique program has proved to be a great success.

Another important aspect of our program is our ungraded classroom setting for those students who are unable to meet the requirements of a traditional classroom and are in need of a more concentrated effort to hone their basic verbal and math skills. In addition to providing these students with the educational help they so sorely need, by enabling them to remain unbranded as "special" students and incorporating them into many of the mainstream activities of the school, they are able to develop the self-confidence and pride they need to function as socially equal to their peers. This approach has proven much more successful and beneficial then the more traditional "special education" setup so typical of other schools.

It is the policy of Yeshiva Ner Eliezer to turn no student away for his inability to pay. While this policy certainly benefits each student on an equal basis, it does contribute to our constant financial need. With a great portion of our students coming from impoverished and dysfunctional homes, our after-school programs helps many of them. It is for this reason that we are in great need of supplemental funding. While we do have many friends who appreciate our great work and do what they can to offer their support, we are in constant need of funding to meet our payroll. As we begin our 14th year, it is our hope that each coming September, the school will benefit from new funding and added sources of community support.